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Compound Evaluation


Glixx laboraties can also provide customers with comprehensive services and competitative pricing including to develop bioassays, screen different compound collections, identify the hit compounds, generate dose response curves, perform IC50 measurements, and determine mechanism of action.

Bioassay can be done both enzyme- or cell-based either in 96- or 384-well formats.


Bio-Lab Facility


We currently occupies 3000 sq ft modern research laboratory 30 miles outside Boston in Southborough, MA. This lab has been outfitted with laminar flow and all of the equipment necessary to perform high throughput compound screening and secondary assays. The equipment includes an automatic platform designed and built in-house which consists of: a CRS CataLyst Express robotic arm and its controlling software, a Cybi-well 384 channel pipettor, a ĀµFill microplate dispenser, an ELX405 plate washer, and a PHERAstar microplate reader. All the instruments can be run together or individually, based on the needs for the assays.


Picture of the exterior of the building

the exterior of the building on a winter day


Picture of the laboratory

the lab in which all experiments are conducted


Picture of automation platform

the automation platform in our lab