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Glixx Laboratories Inc (Glixx) is a global leading company specializing in biological research chemicals, providing services to meet the needs of biomedical research markets. With its fast and efficient synthesis, the Glixx R&D team focuses on commercializing newly discovered research chemicals and bringing them to the life sciences R&D communities. Our company goal is to help our community by lowering the cost of the essential chemicals for research needs, to better progress on to new discoveries in drug development, medical screening, and all facets of scientific innovations.

Glixx supplies a wide range of high quality products covering all areas of research interests specialized for laboratory and scientific uses.  With a list of over twenty thousands small drug-like molecules, Glixx has become the researcher's first choice in seeking newly developed bioactive small molecules in drug development research. Products from Glixx are widely used in laboratories, institutions, hospitals, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Glixx delivers innovation in product development, from demand through commercialization. We work very closely with researchers to meet their needs regardless of the difficulty of projects. We thrive on transforming big challenges into the pivotal bridge between product development and successful markets.


New Products


AkaLumine HCl AkaLumine AkaLumine Na

Luciferin analog, displaying the luminescence peak at 677 nm in the near-infrared (NIR) window


Better solubility than its non-HCl salt form of AkaLumine itself

Free base form of AkaLumine HCl

Displaying the luminescence peak at 677 nm in the near-infrared (NIR) window

Sodium form of AkaLumine HCl


Displaying the luminescence peak at 677 nm in the near-infrared (NIR) window


Feature Product Librariy Sets


ML Library Set

Glixx has the largest numbers of commercialized products from Molecular Libraries Intiative: NIH Roadmap to Pathways Discovery Program. The products were pre-dissolved in DMSO solution in 96 well plate. Each plate contains 80 samples per set in either 250μL/well or 100μL/well. 


Bioactive Compound Library

This library contains 35 set of 96 well plates of small drug-like biologically active molecules on all known targets of biological functions. The main library can also be selectively categorized on any specific target as focused sets based on the customer's request of the interests.