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CAS: 193275-84-2


Chemical Name: Sarasar; Sch66336; 4-[2-[4-[(2R)-6,15-Dibromo-13-chloro-4-azatricyclo[,8]pentadeca-1(11),3(8),4,6,12,14-hexaen-2-yl]piperidin-1-yl]-2-oxoethyl]piperidine-1-carboxamide


GLXC-23690For Lab R&D Uses Only
        Cat No: GLXC-23690


Purity:               >98% (HPLC)

Storage:             Refrigerator (4 °C)



Product Description:

Novel farnesyltransferase inhibitor, reducing the farnesylation of numerous cellular proteins, including progerin, the aberrantly truncated form of lamin A that accumulates in progeroid laminopathies such as Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome




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