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CAS: 6900-87-4


Chemical Name: Japaconitine C; Deoxymesaconitine; [(1S,2R,3R,4R,5R,6S,7S,8R,9R,13S,16S,17R,18R)-8-acetyloxy-5,7-dihydroxy-6,16,18-trimethoxy-13-(methoxymethyl)-11-methyl-11-azahexacyclo[,5.01,10.03,8.013,17]nonadecan-4-yl] benzoate


GLXC-13479For Lab R&D Uses Only
        Cat No: GLXC-13479


Purity:               >98% (HPLC)

Storage:             Refrigerator (4 °C)



Product Description:

Natural toxin, inducing a second Ca2+ -independent cytotoxicity in HCN-2 cells, up-regulating aquaporin-1/TNF-α, inhibiting TGF-β1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition, and suppressing adhesion, migration, and invasion of lung cancer A549 cells




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